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The Flea Market at Samford

Today Lyonhearted was able to participate in the Samford flea market. The Lyonhearted Foundation was able to raise a lot of awareness for Childhood Cancer and for Jason's story. Ashley really enjoyed the time and the people that she was able to share her brother's story with.

The table had Lyonhearted swag for sale t-shirt, hats, and stickers and also had cards available with the mission and vision of The Lyonhearted Foundation. The cards also had childhood cancer yellow ribbons for students to put on their backpacks to raise awareness. The cards had all the links and website to raise support for Lyonhearted. There were many conversation had about the injustice of the 4% of money from the American Cancer Society that goes to funding Childhood Cancer research. It was a beautiful day.

Ashley and her friends will always be Lyonhearted.

Lyonhearted swag was sold in Ben Brown Plaza at Samford University.

Samford University will always be Lyonhearted!

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