The Lyonhearted team will work to plan events, serve, and give to others what the Lord pours out in blessings. Childhood cancer patients in California and around the world will be prayed over and pursued by our team. The heart of this foundation as a whole is providing hope in Jesus for cancer patients and families as well as reaching the broken, marginalized and suffering world with the hope of the gospel. 


We will also provide training and mobilize young people to participate in missions effectively. This team is surrendered ultimately to the will of God and desires to serve Him as Jason did as well. 

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Our Team
Kevin Lyon // CEO
Kevin is Jason's dad and has been a Captain/Paramedic with San Diego City Fire & Rescue for 30 years and will retire in 2018. In his spare time he loves spending time with his wife their dog and getting to see his daughter as often as he can. Kevin wholeheartedly stands behind The Lyonhearted Foundation and loves keeping Jason's legacy alive through this organization.
Alison Lyon // President
Alison is Jason's mom. Before his diagnosis, Alison spent 26 years as a Registered Nurse; however, her favorite job of all has been being a mother and raising two of the most amazing, God-fearing, Christ following kids who she couldn't be more proud of!! Alison is passionate about the mission of The Lyonhearted Foundation because of her love for her kids and spreading the gospel.
Ashley Lyon // Vice President
Ashley is Jason's older sister. She is currently a 4th grade teacher at Shades Cahabba in Birmingham. Her deep friendship with Jason changed her life forever and she will proudly carry the purpose and passion of The Lyonhearted Foundation for the rest of her life.
Carolyn Pecoraro // Secretary
Carolyn is Jay's grandmother. She feels honored to be part of The Lyonhearted Foundation to further the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is retired and spends her time with her husband Darry and working for The Lyonhearted Foundation. She loves Lyonhearted because of the opportunity it gives her to continue to share Jason's testimony every day.
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