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First and foremost Lyonhearted will aim to teach, prepare and inspire the world to live for Jesus Christ. Our goal is to provide hope and support to familes faced with pediatric cancer by supporting awareness, community involvement, research and fighting for a cure.


Lyonhearted foundation has a passion to make Jesus known, to reach the lost and dying world with the hope of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Lyonhearted will aim to reach the poor, marginalized, broken, and sick as well as the families faced with pediatric cancer. Lyonhearted foundation will generously give to families walking through their fight of cancer. We will work to provide them with resources, materials, encouragment, and finacal support to meet their needs. We will work to raise awareness for DIPG and childhood cancer through community outreach events. This Lyonhearted Foundation is inspired by Jason Lyon and will continue to carry his legacy and enthusiasm for God and for other people. 

                                                                              WHERE DOES THE MONEY/DONATIONS GO

We are a non-profit organization who delivers on our promise to give all proceeds to three categories:

1. Research and Development of a cure for Pediatric Brain Cancer, specifically DIPG.

2. Missionaries

3. Children and their families who have Cancer

Last year we gave $20,000 to Sloan-Kettering and Dr. Souweidane for DIPG research. We gave $10,000 to Christian Missionaries. We also gave $12,000 to the Demillo family  who lost 12 y/o Austin a year ago.

Our hope and salvation is Jesus Christ.


"You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives." Genesis 50:20 

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