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Part of The Lyonhearted Foundations goal is to educate people and families about the disease these kids are faceing and practical helpful ways to approach this fight. After Diagnosis shock begins to set in and the family will feel almost paraylzed with an inadequancy to handle what is at hand. Here are a few helpful resources for families to begin learning and fighting this battle. With the help and guidance of the doctors and your childs care providers, let this be a source of knowledge, information, and encouragment for you and your family.   

The Kids Cancer Project provides up to date research, advancements, and connections for families to resources. These are reliable doctors, studies, and real families. There is specific DIPG research as well as a myriad of other childhood cancer studies and information represented. 






The DIPG Resource is a site that provides families with practicle hints for facing this disease. This website gives families organizers, treatment plans, oulines, and helpful insight into navigating this new phase of life.  








Dana-Farber Cancer Institue is committed to making a difference in the rare lethal brain cancer of DIPG. There is exciting and promising reseach in this area of the brain. This site has the contacts available to connect families with doctors and new treatment options. Links on further research and PDF's on DIPG are available. 











Get your story out there through social media and outreach to find other families that you can connect with for encouragment and understanding. It is helpful to talk to other families that have faced this disease and parents or families that simply connect with the little things that other people will never understand. These people would be helpful for the begining phases of coping and understanding as well as into the decsions of treatment plans. 

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