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Mr. Lyon giving Brycen Jason's Jersey to wear.

Mr. Lyon and San Diego Firefighter Station 14 hanging out with Brycen.

Brycen wearing Jason's Christian High football jersey to the Superbowl.

Mrs. Lyon visiting Brycen while he was receiving his last Chemo treatment at Children's Hospital.

This is Shyanne. She is fighting stage 4 neuroblastoma. After undergoing weeks of full neck and spine radiation and chemo now she is also facing brain cancer. This little girl has a heart of gold and Lyonhearted has chosen to support her and her family!

Shyanne and her mom Jennifer became our dear friends after meeting them at Children's Hospital. God placed this sweet family in our lives under difficult and unfortunate circumstances but Lyonhearted will continue to support Shyanne in her fight!

Ashley getting to facetime Shyanne while she is in the hospital recovering from her last brain surgery.

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